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Attachment to the Regulation of the Rector No 95/0101/2013 dated 30 September 2013 on the introduction of Organisational Regulations of the Jacob of Paradies University provides a legal basis for the activities of the International Relations Department.


The scope of international cooperation activities of the Jacob of Paradies University covers the following areas: teaching, learning, research and culture. Our university participates in the European Erasmus+ programme, which provides teaching and training opportunities for academic staff, and allows students to complete part of their degree studies abroad. We offer short-term internships for students, organise joint conferences, publish joint research papers, arrange meetings between foreign researchers and members of our academic community, and apply the results of research and development to practice. We offer a double degree programme and organise the Spelling Competition for University Students of Ukraine. Our students take part in enterprise management simulation games and are involved in special events celebrating the culture and customs of other countries, including the European Culture Festival and the Night of Creative Minds.

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